Office Security Cameras: Indoor & Outdoor Surveillance


Installing office security cameras is a great measure to protect you, your staff, and any inventory you have on-site. You can place them both internally and externally for better surveillance over what’s happening at your business property.

When installed, security cameras offer a preventative measure to deter criminals from targeting your property. They are also used as a reactive response to help recover stolen goods by providing information about the crime.

It’s difficult to choose the right camera for your needs with so many top-quality camera systems available. Here is all you need to know on the matter. 

Key Features Of Office Security Cameras

When buying a security camera, ensure the camera has a few key features. These features can offer more benefits and help you get the most functionality from your system. 

1. Select The Appropriate Camera Type

Security cameras are designed for indoor and outdoor settings. Although, you should use each camera type in its intended place. 

Indoor cameras are designed smaller and more discreet. 

Outdoor security cameras are usually large and robust to withstand harsh weather conditions. Outdoor cameras can also be discreet but are typically large enough to deter criminals.

2. Consider The Various Connections Available.

Both indoor and outdoor security cameras can be wired, wireless, and function over Wi-Fi. 

Wireless security cameras are not recommended for a continuous video feed as the batteries will not last. Also, they might not work as effectively in spaces with a limited Wi-Fi range. 

Wired cameras can be placed inside and outside while keeping the video running 24/7. A wired connection will offer a more robust camera setup.

Security cameras connected to Wi-Fi can send a live or recorded feed directly to your phone or computer to monitor your property remotely.

3. Type Of Video Feed

The video feed for office security cameras is determined by the type of camera you buy. 

For example, you can have a video camera that is only activated when it detects motion within the range of view.

On the other hand, security cameras can have a continuous feed that records the scene 24/7. These cameras are useful to view everything that happens throughout the day and night.

Benefits Of Security Cameras For Office

Installing security cameras at your office can have several benefits for your business.

Get Peace Of Mind

While security cameras are not always the first security feature installed at a business, they are an effective added measure. Video systems around your premises can give you peace of mind as security cameras can notify you when movement is detected to allow swift action.

Deters Unwanted Behavior

Criminals are wary of outdoor security cameras. According to Luke Harris, a former burglar, security measures are among the top five deterrents for burglars. Burglars aim to get in and out without being detected or having their identifying features recorded. Security cameras reduce the chances of this happening.

Help Recover Stolen Goods

Office security cameras can help you retrieve stolen goods by handing over valuable information to the police. If your security cameras do not deter the criminals, they can at least capture faces or number plates. The extra information can assist law enforcement agencies in recovering your stolen items.

Clear View at Night

Certain smart security cameras offer night vision to provide a clear picture throughout the night. These cameras are helpful when the camera doesn’t have a light sensor to activate outdoor lights.

The Best 4 Office Security Cameras On The Market

1. Samsung Network Dome Camera (SND-7061)

Key Features:

  • 1080p video capture resolution
  • Motion-activated
  • Day/night capabilities

The Samsung Network Dome Camera is an excellent addition to any office security system. It delivers high-resolution video capture, and the SND-7061 has contrast enhancement and improves day/night capabilities. The camera works well in challenging lighting conditions, such as dim hallways or parking lots. 

It also features multiple streaming points so that your security can access a live camera feed. 

2. Axis Communications HD Network Bullet Camera (Q1765-LE)

Key Features: 

  • Water-resistant and dustproof
  • Has two-way streaming capabilities
  • 1080p video capture resolution

The Axis HD Network Bullet Camera works well for both indoor and outdoor locations. It can transmit a live video stream of up to 1920 x 1080 resolution, which works great in outdoor areas such as an entryway. Its HD capabilities are also fantastic for capturing license plate details or running facial recognition systems.  

3. WatchGuard Compact HDCVI Surveillance Kit (CVRKIT-C884F)

Key Features:

  • 50m infrared range
  • Day/night capabilities
  • Remote viewing compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices

The WatchGuard CVRKIT-C884F is a compact CCTV surveillance camera that is perfect for small businesses and offices. It can record 8.0 MP of video at 7fps. It also has day/night capabilities and auto ICR.  

4. Amcrest Outdoor PTZ POE Camera

Key Features:

  • Face detection
  • Smart motion detection
  • Captures videos at 25fps

The Amcrest Outdoor PTZ Speed Dome AI camera is perfect for outdoor office security. It offers a ton of unique features like video metadata reporting, which tells you how many people, vehicles, and non-motor vehicles have been spotted. It also provides live-streaming and has a pan/tilt/zoom feature, which means it can handle anything the weather throws at it. 

Final Thoughts

Office security cameras are a valuable tool to add to your existing security measures on your property. The cameras can help deter criminals and protect your business inventory. Security cameras are best used with other security measures, including alarms and motion-sensor outdoor lighting.

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