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Audio systems use electronic media that in most cases contains sound and, in other cases, both sound and visual. SourceLink specializes in designing and installing integrated audio systems in varying commercial and retail settings. We have the expertise and training required to handle any audio system for your facility.

We have a flexible team and are experienced in providing structured cabling solutions for audio systems at a competitive cost. We can guide you in choosing proper decibel levels and proper speaker placement to help you best utilize your audio system. More so, we have a wide range of products we can highly recommend to you. We have designed and installed various sound masking and paging systems.

It’s important to know the kind of system to buy and install. For example, standard systems with few speakers may work perfectly for small businesses such as hotels, but they may not be ideal for companies requiring many speakers. Also, note that the more speakers you add to a system, the more difficult it becomes to connect them. However, at SourceLink, we pride ourselves in handling projects that you deem complex.

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