Intercoms are among the best access and control systems in safeguarding your facility against intruders. Access controls are convenient and secure ways for admins or for you to manage who enters or exits your premises. Using intercom systems, you can communicate with the visitor at the door to help you determine whether they can enter or not. 

SourceLink is a trusted intercom installer and dealer. We offer you quality products, including a telephone entry system, gate intercom, and video door entry system. More so, we have expert technicians who have undergone training on these systems, meaning they can install them perfectly. 

With intercoms, you have control over who can access your facility. You can also use it to regulate employee office access, monitor their report time, streamline communication within your premises, and broadcast announcements. 

Intercom System Design and Integration

Like many other systems, the intercom system is not one size fits all. Each business requires a customized security system, and that is where we come in. At SourceLink, we have skilled engineers who can work with you to design an intercom access control system that meets your needs. We are one of Florida’s best low-voltage cabling providers because we pay attention to our customer’s needs. 

Installing an intercom control system is not enough. You need to integrate it with existing access control systems. Luckily, we have intercom integration experts who can help you integrate your systems for maximum efficiency and safety. This allows you to pair it with software and equipment from various providers. 

So, if you’re looking for intercom access control systems, look no further. SourceLink has you covered. We install for you and offer continuous service and support throughout the life of the systems. 

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