Demarc Extensions

Demarc extension is the process of connecting your businesses’ network to a data line, such as DSL, TI, or POTS that is provided by a telephone vendor or company. The telephone company brings their service to a demarcation point, and from there, it’s our role to bring the service to your building. A demarcation point is where wires, cables, and other equipment that belong to a telephone or utility company meet your building’s infrastructure.

Connecting demarc extensions is necessary for any organization or company that plans to have internet-connect phones and computers that can allow communication both inside and outside the company. Most demarcs tend to be located outside the building to give technicians access for repairs any time of the day. However, this is dependent on the building. SourceLink has you covered, regardless of your demarc location.

Demarc extensions can be necessary when you first construct a building or when an office gets new tenants. SourceLink has experience in performing demarc extensions in a wide range of environments, including but not limited to schools, offices, high-rise buildings, and shopping malls. Our team has the training, skills, and experience to handle any demarc extensions, and you should not worry about our quality. Our technicians can handle your demarc extensions following Comp TIA codes and NEC without disregarding your needs or service.

During installations, we always test the entire transmission. Testing prevents any issues that can affect the full function of your demarc extensions. We guarantee the quality of all our services, and you can always contact us if you need any help. We highly recommend that you work with us from the start to the end to avoid delays or confusion when a problem comes up. Also, we can quickly tell where a problem is coming from if we were the ones who handled the entire demarc extensions.

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